• Vodka Grey Goose 700 ml
  • Click through to watch a video on how to craft the GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir Hamptons Punch.
  • The Against the Current cocktail from the #GREYGOOSE10 #LeVoyage competition in France.

Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Rocks Glasses - Set of Two

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Grey Goose Le Melon displays a strong bouquet of freshly cut melon, subtle notes of melon rind, and hints of banana and pears. The palate is very bright, with strong overtones of juicy melon leading into lighter notes of white citrus and almond. the finish is silky, with strong front notes of Cavaillon melon and a finish of subtle almond and wheat.

The last two times that I ordered a martini while dinning out, I decided to give Grey Goose a try again. Guess what; it was quite good. In fact, it was better than I had remembered. The cocktail was smooth, very tasty, had little burn, and even had a mild and pleasant bittersweet aftertaste! Both of these Grey Goose martinis were very good, and were served at a different restaurant, so it wasn’t just the luck of getting a special bartender. I had previously ranked Grey Goose near the bottom of my list with an middling 3 stars rating, but now I am going to re-rate it somewhere in the middle of my star riddled vodka list with 4 stars. Did Grey Goose’s recipe change in the last year or so? I highly doubt it. Has my judgment of what makes vodka pleasurable changed? Perhaps, yes. In turn, I have come to realize that I do like Grey Goose, at least in a martini cocktail. Are there better vodkas? Absolutely! Are there better vodkas that are less expensive? Sure. But, after all of this time, I have found that I can enjoy a Grey Goose martini, even if some other really good vodkas are on the menu.


Grey Goose Cherry Noir | Alambic Magazine

The first experience I had with Grey Goose was at a Casino-on-a-boat and it hit the spot well there; I finally got a chance to really test a bottle when I was in the middle of a poker-tournament and ran out of other brands. With 15 minutes until the tournament was to re-start, I ran to Wal-Mart (I detest Wal-Mart, btw), and was disappointed to find that the best they had to offer was Grey Goose. For lack of a better choice, I picked up a bottle and made it back within 10 seconds of the start of the tournament.