• Love Frosted Animal Crackers
  • Osage County First Grade gives Keebler? Frosted Animal Crackers two thumbs up. Happy to recommend.
  • Pink and White Frosted Circus Animal CrackersMakes about 4 dozen tiny animal cookies
  • What’s a childhood favorite snack you would love to see remade? Gluten-Free Frosted Animal Crackers

Keebler Animal Crackers - Frosted - 13 oz - 2 pk

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Kathi, you are amazing!! I love frosted animal crackers and muddy buddies, putting them together makes for one DELICIOUS snack! And I love all the sprinkles, of course 🙂

No matter how old I get, there are just some kid foods I can't grow out of. Pop Tarts, Gushers and, of course, frosted animal crackers are treats that I love to this day. I don't enjoy them often, but when I do, it brings me right back to childhood.


Frosted Animal Cracker Confetti Cake Muddy Buddies

You’ve never seen puppy chow like this–all covered in white chocolate, sprinkles, and most importantly, frosted animal crackers. ‘s how to make a batch.