• How to Use Foam Back Roller
  • Do you foam roll? Do you roll the foam? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?!
  • Foam rolling lengthens your muscles, and breaks up knots, adhesions and scar tissue.
  • A foam roller is a great way to stretch and relax the gluteal muscles.

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So is that really the only beneficial time to foam roll, before exercise to warm up? Or does it have any use after exercise or on off days for recovery or anything else?

I’ve noticed a continuem over the past few years. It really depends on how jacked up you are and how often you foam roll. If you aren’t jacked up and you do it every time you train, PVC is fine, especially if you have big muscles or a fat pad.


Yay! You're now following foam rollers in your .

Sitting on the foam roller, cross your right leg over your left knee and lean toward the right hip, putting your weight on your hands for support (A). Slowly roll one butt cheek over the roller (B). Switch sides.