• Peacock Feather Fairy Nymph Costume Knee High Boots
  • Have a magical Halloween with a fairy costume from Walmart.
  • Our chose of all the fairy costumes we saw, was a big hit every where we went. We also used glitter to accent some of the leaves and flowers.
  • Fairy costumes submitted by:

Pink Fairy Princess Costume Set--5 Peice

Too low to display

everyone loved the outfit and thought it was one of the cutest fairy costumes. Since I didn't do any sewing to the green fabric I have it to use for another project later. Maybe even another costume.

You're never too old to bring the whimsical back in your life! These adult fairy costumes range from adorable to sexy to gothic, so we're bound to have the perfect pair of wings for you! If you grew up constantly seeking out these magical fairies, then you've got no excuse; it's time to transform yourself into one this Halloween season!


Sexy Fairy Costumes | Adult Halloween Fairy

That belief is what gives the fairy costume its popularity during the Halloween season. What woman wouldn’t want to be a beautiful mystical creature with bewitching wings? The most essential part of any fairy costume is the wings; they are delicate, iridescent, shimmering and surely magical.