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In 1981, John Gunnar Box, the founder of Colours N' Motion was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Together with his two brothers, John Gunnar Box created Colours N' Motion in 1992, which evolved from a formerAerospace company. Also In 1992, Colours N' Motion introduced their first active rigid wheelchair weighing only 16 lbs! From the start of the corporation, Colours ‘N Motion's main goal was to improve the life of disabled people through their innovative products and services. Today, Colours ‘N Motion designs & manufactures very customized rigid everyday wheelchairs and rigid sport wheelchairs and sells them worldwide. Colours N' Motion changed the disabled market in the USA and internationally. No longer will fun-loving, modern disabled people have to put up with boring out-of-the-shelf wheelchairs. Since then, Colours N' Motion has been responsible for many great products. Two of the most outstanding introductions include a 4-wheel independent suspension wheelchair - the BOING!® - and another record: The super-lightweight wheelchair - ZEPHYR®- weighing only 14.5 lbs! In March, 2008 Colours N' Motion was aquired by Nissin Japan, who themselves create innovative solutions for the disabled communities and help synergize Colours N' Motion ability to reach further and a more global importance in the mobility industry.

We offer several different makes and models of Everyday Wheelchairs. These chairs fold in half for easy storage and transportation. Long term rentals available.


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For some people, wheelchairs are a necessity not a luxury. The mobility provided by everyday wheelchairs not only provides a basic mode of transport but also greatly helps provide a sense of independence and heightened self-esteem. Most everyday functions such as taking out the trash or walking the dog can be performed through the use of a wheelchair. However, different wheelchairs are used for different situations and environments.