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Midwest iCrate Double Door Crate with Divider for Pets, 42-Inch

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To determine the correct Cratewear size for your dog crate bed, simply measure the length from front to back and refer to our size guide.

Our Size Guide is as follows: (XS) 18", (S) 24", (M) 30", (L) 36", (XL) 42" & (XXL) 48". This measurement is the length of the crate which is the longest side. Unfortunately there are no standard sizes for dog crates, the width and height of crates vary in every collection from every manufacturer. Our unique pattern accommodates the small variances in size.


Innplace Indoor Dog Crate - Large on Sale | Free UK Delivery

This stationary heavy duty crate is proudly made in America using .063 sturdy, long lasting high quality aluminum. Our unique design and welded rivet construction has made this an "escape-proof" dog crate. Because of the aluminum material these crates are very lightweight. Our largest crate, the XXX-Large crate, weighs in at just 55 lbs. while the smallest size weighs only 15 lbs.Â