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  • Fortunately, organizing your digital photos has become easier and easier, thanks to new automation tools. But you still need to pitch in.
  • - an article dealing with the basics of a digital photo - from pixels to common digital photo formats.
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Sony DPF-D810 8-Inch SVGA LCD (4:3) Digital Photo Frame -Black


RULE OF TWO - at any given point in time, ensure that no matter what you are doing, there are at least two separate sets of your photos. Initially, when you copy photos you've just taken from your camera to your computer, the two sets are the photos on the camera's memory card and the copied set on your computer. Before you erase the photos on your memory card, ensure that that the Rule of Two is maintained, make a backup of the set on your computer (to another HD, memory stick, offsite storage, a DVD, etc.). So, when you erase your camera's memory card, there are still two separate sets of your digital photos.

Do you want to take an outstanding digital photo to show your friends or maybe even enter in an art show? Then follow these easy steps to success.


Turn your digital photos into canvas giclee prints

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