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Decorative Santa and Friends Christmas Stockings 18" - 3 Pack

Too low to display

We have a mix of Christmas stocking designs that change from one season to another and also maintain designs that remain relatively same so our customers can match the stockings from previous seasons. Sometimes, however, the fabric suppplier no longer manufactures the exactly same color shade or composition of the material used in the manufacturing of the Christmas stocking, so in spite of our effort to maintain the same stocking design for our customers, we are left with no choice but to accept a design that is similar but not identical to the previous seasons’ stockings.

Starting in August 2009 we will enhance our online catalog displaying all of our stockings with additional information that will provide you with the likelyhood of our maintaining the same design/model of the Christmas stocking into the next year. Each Christmas stocking description will contain the information if the stocking is likely to be available next year or not. This will help you to make educated purchase decision when it comes to future planning for matching your Christmas stockings as your family grows.


Christmas Stockings & Holders : Target

Fist test an area on the back side of your Christmas stocking, spray it and dab or rub with a white face cloth and let dry. If the material of your Christmas stocking survived the test without any damage, then you can use the solution on front area of your Christmas stockings, which actually needs cleaning.