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  • What does the Chillow Cooling Pad feel like?
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  • How do I clean my Chillow Cooling Pad?

Gel'O Cool Pillow Mat 11 x 22" - soft, odorless, no water filling!

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HEADACHES – Millions of headache sufferers find that placing something cool on their head can help relieve pain. With its cool, dry surface area, combined with its ease of application, the Chillow device is the answer to many headache and migraine sufferers.

HOT FLUSHES/ PREMENSTRUAL - Many women will suffer from hot flushes upon reaching the menopausal stage of their lives. Others will experience a temperature spike during their premenstrual cycle. The Chillow can help provide soothing relief.


Check out these smart and sneaky ways to chill your next hot flash.

The Mini Chillow is a brand new addition to the range, with all of the unique cooling properties of the renowned Original Chillow. It has the added benefit of a new hydro-soothe membrane on the underside which not only allows for two-way cooling – front and back, but is made of hypoallergenic material and can be disinfected clean.