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Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

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But in the gambling world, the stakes are higher. The temptation to cheat is so very strong. So card shufflers have to serve an even bigger purpose: to prevent a collusion between the dealer and a player. No way can a dealer perform a trick shuffle and control the players' hands with a shuffler doing the work. So casinos have a need for sophisticated dohickies like the one pictured here.

This high quality professional card shuffler is the only casino grade automatic card shuffler available to home users without a gaming license. This automatic card shuffler will shuffle up to 6 decks of cards at once, so whether you are playing Texas Hold'em or Blackjack, it will make the task of shuffling much easier.



A large portion of the primary battery manufacturing sector is taken up by the manufacture of round and prismatic primary battery cells (86.3%). This makes the environmental impact of the batteries used for a card shuffler well represented by the emissions of the whole sector.