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ALARMAS JR J5523518T1 Factory OEM KEY FOB Keyless Entry Remote Alarm Replace

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Before hiring a company to install a car alarm system, check Angie’s List to find the most reputable ones, and get three estimates. Check a company’s history of complaints before hiring.

Car alarms have stayed popular, in part, because car theft has remained prevalent. In 2012, car owners in the United States lost an estimated $4.3 billion due to vehicle thefts.


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This innovation has made car alarms a lot easier to use. Before remote transmitters, alarm systems acted on a delay mechanism. As with a , you activated the alarm when you parked your car, and you had 30 seconds or so to get out and lock the doors. When you unlocked your car, you had the same amount of time to shut off the alarm once you got in. This system was highly problematic, as it gave thieves an opportunity to break into the car and disable the alarm before any siren sounded.