• Frozen capelin fish roe
  • Capelin is a small pelagic schooling fish with a slender, elongated body and a pointed snout
  • Masago (Seasoned Capelin Roe) 1kg – Make Sushi
  • Capelin: A Small Fish of Great Importance


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Frozen capelin roeFlying fish roe (tobiko, tobikko, masago, ebiko) Colour: orange, red, yellow, green, black Packing: 1kg/P.E. bag x 10bags/CTN  ...

Masago is the name for Capelin Fish Roe. Despite their 1mm diameter, en mass the capelin fish roe have a crisp texture and salty flavour and are the common garnish used to make inside out sushi rolls. Capelin roe, is frequently substituted for tobiko (flying fish roe) due to its similar appearance and flavour.


California Rolls and Masago, a Match Made in Heaven