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Cottonelle Ultrasoft Bulk Toilet Paper (12456), Standard Toilet Paper Rolls, 48 Rolls / Case (4 Packs of 12)

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Using paper products at your next party will save you a ton in cleanup while ensuring that your china stays intact. Paper products are just so easy to use and then dispose of, that you might just not ever break out that china, except for special occasions of course! But, before you go out and buy, you should know a few things about paper products. When buying your paper products, you need to make sure you buy extra plates and cups. The majority of party goers will want seconds or thirds and there are many who will just throw away their original plates/cups. If you buy the exact number you need, some people will be left in the cold and these people will NOT be happy. Furthermore, paper products are so diverse and customizable that often times, it’s way better to use paper than china, anyhow. You can get decorated paper products to match every party theme that you can imagine. You can get Christmas theme paper plates, birthday party paper products and just about every other theme or color imaginable! They are just perfect for kids parties, as kids just make a mess, and it cuts down on cleanup!

Buy in Bulk

It might seem obvious, but if you're not buying household paper products in bulk, you're essentially throwing money down the toilet (literally, in this case.)

Just how big of a bulk package should you buy? Purchasing anything less than a nine-roll package of toilet paper means you're not getting the most bang for your buck. When it comes to paper towels, Shelton says, "If you have a family, buy a 12-roll -- usually featured in the big monthly sales -- or a 15-roll, available at warehouse club stores, as often as possible. If you're single, an eight-roll is still a value, but the 12- or 15-roll is still the best value."

And when you buy in bulk during a grocery store sale, that's when the savings really kick in. So look for such offers as two-for-one deals. At Safeway, for instance, you can often find Bounty 12-roll packs of paper towels on sale for $9.99 each if you buy two, a hefty 40% savings off the regular price.

Save With Store Brands

The quality of store brands -- once shorthand for cheaply made products -- has improved quite a bit, as retailers have been expanding their house labels, which typically bring them fatter profit margins.


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