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Biotene Oral Balance Gel, 1.5 Ounce


This works!! I have an 9 year old Cocker Spaniel that has her share of problems. By applying this product to inflamed gums on one lower side 2 times a day, the swelling went down and gums were completely back to normal in about 4-5 days. I just rubbed it on the gums with a clean finger. When she had the inflamed gums, she also had a small hidden external sore on the same side that developed in a fold (flap) on the lip-line. I applied this with a clean finger two times a day for about 5 days. The external sore also healed up and all swelling in the area cleared up. Now, these were not 'infected', they were inflamed and swollen. I couldn't believe this product worked so well. Keeping it clean and applying the Biotene Antiseptic Gel worked better and faster than I ever expected. Being a gel is a great help in applying!

Esto significa que todas esas bacterias peligrosas que causan el mal aliento, la placa y la gingivitis se pueden detener antes de que empiece. Si eres serio acerca de la salud oral, entonces Biotene Gel Oral Balance es un producto imprescindible.


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Get soothing relief from dry mouth with Biotène OralBalance Gel. It’s great for giving you long-lasting relief from dryness during the night or to provide lubrication to help you swallow food. It’s also a portable, on-the-go solution!