• Title: Barbie in Princess Power (TV Movie 2015)
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  • He's so dreamy! Derek is the Royal Cobbler and joins forces with Barbie as Princess Genevieve.
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Barbie Princess Power Super Sparkle Doll


Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper wallpaper. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Barbie Movies club tagged: barbie princess pauper hd wallpaper.

Presenting : Cut Barbie princess doll's long hair and "grow" it back over and over again. With the pop-bead extensions, girls can add waves and braids and "grow" her hair as long as they wish, then use the magical scissors to cut her hair and try out new styles. Includes Barbie princess doll, 3 hair extensions, and magical scissors.


Barbie Birthday Princess Doll - Sears

Dreams are a little sweeter with this Barbie Bedtime Princess who is cuddly from tiara to toe! The new lovable Barbie Bedtime Princess Doll is perfect for young girls to snuggle with and take to bed. Barbie Bedtime Princess is the first Barbie doll to have a soft body (including arms, legs and even her tiara). Her precious nightgown is a vision of Barbie signature pink with ruffled sleeves and ruffled skirt. Her pink ballet flats are both stylish and comfortable. And always a princess, she wears a hot pink tiara atop her long blonde hair! Does Barbie Bedtime Princess wear her tiara to bed? Only she and her girl know for sure!