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B.E. Norrish presents a Canadian Cameo. Produced by Associated Screen News Limited. Directed by Gordon Sparling. Photographed by Alfred Jacquemin, Robert Martin. Text by T.C.B. de Lom. Narrated by Kent Stevenson. Music Director John Reynders. Sound Recordist Charles Poulton. An Associated Screen Picture. Photographed in Dufaycolor (sic). "Royal Banners Over Ottawa."

Ottawa, Canada. Shots of the city. Many flags flying. C/Us of flags in many locations - British and French. C/U of statue of Britannia. Banners. Parliament Hill. Royal train arrives. Cheering crowds. Royal visitors arrive by train. Parade with horse guards. Crowds line the route. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother) in the royal carriage. Arriving at Parliament. Marching band. Governor General's Footguards and Dragoon Guards. Trade agreement between Canada and the United States will be given the Royal assent. Car carrying the Royal travels from Wellington Street to Parliament Hill. King and Queen walk up the steps of Parliament - they are met by the Prime Minister of Canada (not seen?) Their Majesties reappear.

Royal car draws up in front of the Supreme Court of Canada building. Royal enter the building - much cheering on the soundtrack. Queen Elizabeth declares the cornerstone "well and truly laid" and addresses her subjects - the narrator paraphrases her speech. The Queen states that it is appropriate for a woman to perform this task as women's place in civilised society has been dependent on the growth of law. Also speaks of the union of British and French in Canada being similar to the unity of races in the United Kingdom. Minister of Justice thanks the Queen. Also present are the Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir - who is the novelist John Buchan and the Right Honourable Mackenzie King - the Prime Minister. Queen chats with the stonemakers in French.

King George V and Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother) leave the Supreme Court building. They are driven in an open-topped car. Royal Salute in honour of the King's birthday. Men in uniform fire cannons. Unveiling of the National War Memorial to men lost in World War One. Shots of the memorial. King inspects troops. Central Square. The King makes a speech (this is heard on the soundtrack). Shots of the crowd. A man in naval uniform stands in front of banners. King speaks of peace and freedom. Minister for National Defence and the King place their wreaths. C/U of a wreath and the Royal card upon it. C/U of the Government of Canada's card. The King and Queen have a "walkabout" mingling amongst the veterans. (Very emotional narration about the love and loyalty of the ex-soldiers). Veterans march past with banners. The royal train leaves.

Note: British narrator. Very patriotic tone. Lots of cheering and rousing music on soundtrack.

Three prints exist, check for best quality.
FILM ID:1201.04

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