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Answer Pregnancy Test, 2 Count

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If you're looking for a pregnancy test, buy Answer!! This test is way inexpensive compared to the other ones out there (or at least most of them), and we had wonderful results. We used it a few times over the past few months, and got very clear readings. The first two tests were very clearly (and correctly) negative. There was no mistaking it or having to play any guessing games. Then, this past month, it was positive. I took a second Answer pregnancy test (since it came in a box of two), and it was positive again- very clearly two lines both times. The box was very clear in explaining that one of the lines may be a bit lighter and shows an example, which was exactly what my tests looked like. So I went to the doctor and got tested there, and it was exactly right- I'm now pregnant. Answer is a great deal for the money, and there is no need to pay for the most well-known, most expensive brand. I'd definitely recommend this!

Answer Pregnancy Test is just as easy to use as other pregnancy tests, and takes about 2 minutes to see the result. The result is not displayed in words but the symbol is easy enough to decipher. The box says it is 98% accurate, and to my knowledge, it seems at least that accurate. It is also a good value for your money, being among the cheapest of pregnancy tests available at most pharmacies. The only downside to this test is how you use it. I find peeing on a stick quite messy, but this is how all other pregnancy tests are used, as far as I know, so this is a downside of ALL pregnancy tests to detect the pregnancy hormone in urine. I would recommend this product to friends, because of its economical value and the fact that it is quick and easy to use. I would also say it is comparable in quality to well known brand names such as EPT and First Response, only it is cheaper than these brands.


Answer Pregnancy Test is just as fast and reliable as the rest of the pregnancy tests I have reviewed (if done properly and in the correct testing window.) It is on the cheaper side, so some may think it is a little cheaper in quality, however if done correctly it can prove to be just as accurate.