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  • I recently switched from my surface pro to a macbook air. I use a LabelWriter 4XL dymo label printer and it has treated me very well so far.
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DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer (1755120)

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The LabelWriter 4XL is Dymo’s newest label writer, a larger version of the popular LabelWriter 450. However, with an extra wide print head, the 4XL is able to tackle extra large shipping labels (up to 105 mm wide) that are too big for standard label writers. This makes it a popular first choice with Ebayers, mailrooms and warehouses.

The LabelWriter 4XL uses Dymo’s v.8 software, which only takes five to ten minutes to install. Labels are easily fitted by lifting the 4XL’s cover and dropping a label roll onto the spool spindle.


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